Staten Island Miss Polonia

Message from 2015 Miss Polonia

Magdalena Strzeciwilk

The year 2015 was a fantastic year for me as your Miss Polonia. It was marked with significant achievements in both my personal life, as well, in the life of our Staten Island Community. Being crowned your Miss Polonia has been a wonderful experience that allowed me to express my Polish heritage and individuality.

Throughout the year, I have been involved in working with the Polish American Scouting Organization, called Gromada Zuchowa “Krokusy”, established with the initiative of the PulMagdalena-graduation 104042016aski Day Parade Committee of Staten Island, Polish Supplementary School and my mentors the Troop Leader, Druhna Jolanta Opach and the Scoutmistress, Druhna Mary Bielski. As a member of the Pulaski Day Parade Committee of Staten Island and the liaison between these two organizations, I shared my Saturdays between meetings or zbiórki of Zuchy and my Lacrosse team at Tottenville High School. Along with Druhna Jola, I cherish my time with the girls and boys of our Parish, teaching them—through various activities—the values of patriotism, voluntarism, respect for people and for the environment and the love for all cultures and traditions.

Another wonderful achievement of this past year, which offered me a satisfying memorable experience, was being a part of a winning team, as I volunteered at the office of District Attorney Michael McMahon.

My academic year was even more hectic, as I applied to colleges, ranging from Ivy League schools such Yale and Cornell, to private universities like Northeastern and Boston “U”, the Bard and the Occidental, even Berkley College in California. State universities such as Binghamton were also on my list. I am proud say that I was accepted into most of them. At the present time, I am still undecided as to which one, I will be attending. I am confident that I will make the best choice. I would like to use this opportunity to tell all the girls of my age and their parents—that academic achievement is not the only criteria that schools take under consideration when choosing their students. Voluntary work, dedication to their high school, the community, and the borough are major factor in the selection process.

I am grateful to the office of District Attorney Michael McMahon and to the Pulaski Day Parade Committee of Staten Island for sending such wonderful letters of recommendation acknowledging all of my work. I would also like to offer a special thanks to the amazing ladies of the Pulaski Day Parade Committee of Staten Island Marie Costa, Eva Morris and Jennifer Costa, who have been such an inspiration to me as well as, my Troop Leader from Gromada Zuchowa “Krokusy”, Drużynowa Jolanta Opach. I will truly appreciate all that they have done, to help me become the responsible young lady I am toMagdalena-graduation04042016day…  These women have shown me how to be strong, mature and self sacrificing, as I make my way to college.

Last but not the least; I would like to express my sincere appreciation to my parents who have sacrificed so very much for me. They have always been there to encourage me, to set the highest standards, in everything I do.  The love and support I get from them, my brother Kasper, my grandmas, my uncle Andrzej, his wife and children give me great confidence, even when things seem to be impossible to achieve.

It is my hope that more young women of Polish descent will join and become active members of the Pulaski Day Parade Committee and share in promoting the Polish-American Community on Staten Island.  Together we are strong, smart, visible and more beautiful.

Thank you once again members of the Pulaski Day Parade Committee, for the honor to serve as your 2015 Miss Polonia. It truly was a memorable year that I will always cherish.




Staten Island 2016 Miss Polonia contest


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To be announced at Marshal’s Ball, Friday, April 9th, 7-11 p.m.
The Crystal Room, 67 Olympia Boulevard, Staten Island, NY 10305, 718-447-8926


Contest Rules:

  • Young lady between the ages of 16-21 years of age
  • Must be of Polish descent. Please list Polish descendant.
  • Must be an upstanding resident of Staten Island.
  • Must be single, never married.
  • Must represent Staten Island at the General Pulaski Memorial Parade Banquet and Pulaski Day Parade in NYC, on October 2, 2016.

Please mail completed application (you can download it for Miss Polonia contest from, for Jr. Miss Polonia from essay and photo to:

The Pulaski Day Parade Committee of Staten Island, Inc.
P.O. Box 140632-0632
Staten Island, NY 10314

All materials submitted to the committee will become the property of the committee and will not be returned. Deadline March 30, 2016.

Should you require more information call Jennifer Costa-Gomes at 732-925-4382.

Download application for Miss Polonia here and for Jr. Miss Polonia – here.